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One question that I often receive from new subscribers is “What five of your recommended stocks should I buy first?”

My usual answer is that the Dividend Hunter recommendations list is 20 stocks long for very good reasons. It takes that many individual stock holdings to get reasonable diversification. I put together the Dividend Hunter recommendations list with the goal of providing information on enough stocks so that an income focused investor can build a portfolio that pays a high current yield, the dividends are among the safest for continued payment and there is potential for future dividend growth. Each of the 20 recommended stocks has very positive dividend income or total return potential.

With some caveats, I am going to give you a smaller list of stocks. These are some that I think everyone should own. They are also a good starting point if you are just beginning to build a dividend income focused portfolio.

The Dividend Hunter Start Out Portfolio can be accessed here.

Updated on January 20, 2020

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