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Earning additional income through the selling of stocks options is the third leg of my diversified portfolio income stool. Covered call selling and cash secured puts are the most conservative out of the dozens of option trading strategies. Option writing (another term for selling options) is an approach that can generate very attractive income in almost all stock market scenarios.

30 Day Dividends includes my approach to selling covered call options. I have also partnered up with the Investors Alley options expert, Jay Soloff, to provide additional trade recommendations. We each have our own systems for selecting trade idea, so subscribers get twice the bang for their subscription bucks. With covered calls, cash flow income and stock market gains giving average annual returns of mid-teens or higher on the recommended stocks have been generated.  

Our 2019 results illustrate how the 30 Day Dividends strategies and trades can benefit the income, total return focused investor who commits a portion of their capital to follow the service. Over the course of 2019, Jay and I made 78 trade recommendations with an average term of 40 days. Average annualized return was 29%. For 2018, which was a much rougher year in the stock market, our average annualized return was also right at 30%.

30 Day Dividends is published monthly and includes periodic trade alerts, text message trade alerts, exclusive training videos, special research reports, and access to us via a dedicated email address.

Updated on January 22, 2020

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