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The Automatic Income Machine service is designed to help investors generate an above average total return through all market conditions using fairly conservative dividend stocks. Those returns will be from an attractive dividend yield plus share price gains driven by growing dividends. I have developed a unique (to the investment advice industry) strategy of finding stocks with high dividend growth rates. These levels of dividend growth propel the desired share price gains.

The primary goal is to provide guidance to grow a lump sum commitment over a period of five years or longer. It is targeted at investors who understand that the capital they have currently accumulated needs to grow by two to four times to meet their future financial goals and projected lifestyles.

With the Automatic Income Machine service, I include a model portfolio of 15 to 20 dividend growth stocks. I send a monthly detailed newsletter, mid-month update and host a quarterly, live online session for subscribers for you to ask questions, as well as my personal email address.

I expect to generate low to mid-teens average returns (the S&P 500 has averaged 9% per year) over a multi-year holding period. Automatic Income Machine is for the investor starting with a lump sum of money and the desire to significantly grow the size of that portfolio amount over the next 5 years or longer. This is a wealth building service.

Note: Most Automatic Income Machine subscribers also have a subscription to The Dividend Hunter. They commit a portion of money to the Automatic Income Machine system for the total return growth and many also own some or all of the high yield stocks from the Dividend Hunter for current income. The two services are complementary to one another and use quite different stocks based on the investment goals.

Updated on January 22, 2020

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