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How do I log on to my account and access the newsletters?

To access the members-only website and your paid subscription newsletters, you must be logged onto www.investorsalley.com.

To access the login page from anywhere on our website, look for the “Investors Alley” logo on the top left of the page. Just below that you will see the “Member Login” button. Click that button, and it will take you to either the login page, or the main page if you are already logged in.

On the login page, enter your email address and password. Once you’re logged in, you’ll immediately be taken to your main page.

Once on your accounts main page you will be able to access all of your newsletters content via the links underneath that particular newsletters name. In the example below we have The Dividend Hunter. First you will notice a welcome back notification to you that you have successfully logged into your account. Below this is a brief assistance reminder should you need to contact our customer service department.

Below this is The Dividend Hunter and it’s related content. By clicking on each link underneath The Dividend Hunter’s title you will be taken to a web page in which you can interact with the content for that particular aspect of the newsletter.

Updated on December 11, 2019

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